David J Hofman
Professor and Head
Department of Physics
Office: 2246 SES
+1 312-413-2797

Department of Physics
845 W. Taylor (M/C 273), Chicago, IL
Dept: +1 312-996-3400
Fax: +1 312-996-9016

Welcome to my home page at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  I have been a faculty member in the UIC Department of Physics since the spring of 2000, Acting Head of the Department starting in August 2011, and Head of the Department since August 2013.

I enjoy teaching and was honored and touched to be selected as a recipient of the UIC Silver Circle teaching award by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences graduating seniors in 2007 and 2010.

My area of scientific research is experimental high-energy nuclear physics, also often called high-energy "heavy-ion" physics.  This research is primarily carried out at Brookhaven National Laboratory, in Upton, NY, and CERN, in Geneva Switzerland.  We utilize large particle accelerators (or colliders) to collide "heavy-ion" nuclei such as gold and lead at near the speed of light in order to re-create the conditions of the early universe in the laboratory.  By doing this we are able to melt normal nuclear matter, the protons and neutrons, into a "plasma" of quarks and gluons in order to study, and better understand, the strong force and the theory of Quantum Chromo-Dynamics.  Our research is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, through the Nuclear Physics Program in the Office of Science.